157. On a different note... (and a public post)


Side B Magazine is what I've been working my ass off on all summer. We're a literary/art magazine for emerging artists under thirty. I'm the prose and poetry editor, web manager, email girl, publicity person, interview getter, and all around AWESOME person. Check out my magazine, purchase a .PDF file or order a print magazine. Seriously, I know it's money but look at how great of a cause we are ($5 for .PDF, $10 + s/h for print)! Promoting new work is extremely important to me, so check the site and become a fan on facebook. You have no idea how much it would mean to me if you guys submitted, bought our issue, and told me what you think.

(This issue includes poetry, prose, photography, lyrics and MP3s on the site, and an interview with Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett).